Still from Naporn in Bangkok took Griselda for a Walk

A second strand of 1 [-1] Materiality of Exile, 11.11 Materiality of [Contained] Exiles  premiered in a global on-line screening on the 29/31 May 2020. 
In the new series, eleven international women in lockdown cities were paired with one of the Joshua Tree participants and were invited to 'go for a walk'  through the listening of the audio score narrating one of the desert crossings.  
Exile met containment, documenting the  present historical moment of each collaborator , how our lived sense of body and space has changed,  patterns of behaviour, our presence in both local and global contexts.  
The new series of videos will be incorporated to the installation.
Type of work:  Experimental video series, black and white, 11 films of 11:00 mins each
Participating artists :
Clara Yang in the Lakota Reservation in S. Dakota (USA), Amber Ortega San Antonio, Texas (USA), Niurca Marquez, Miami, Florida, (USA), Damaris Ferrer, Miami, Florida (US), Eleonora Dall'Asta, Panama City (PANAMA), Demy Papathanassiou, Athens (GREECE), Belen Maya, Rome (ITALY), Nadra Assaf, Byblos (LEBANON), Naporn Praew Wattanakasaem, Bangkok (THAILAND), Hyekyung Yang, Seoul (S. KOREA), Francyne Carr, Beijing (CHINA)

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