Janus was choreographed for Andanza, Puerto Rican Contemporary  Dance Company as part of its Andanza En Vivo evening, 22-24 April 2022 at the Fine Arts Centre Luis A Ferré, San Juan, Puerto Rico. The evening marked the company's return to live performance following the lockdowns.
Inevitably, aspects of the concept are informed by the two-year global pandemic.  The title alludes to the character of the god Janus, god of transitions, death and rebirth.  These three words became the anchors to develop three scenes.  In the first scene faceless creatures begin to explore a sonic space, not yet open to light. Movement of the bodies appears to infuse the space with energy, bringing to it light and with it  the ability to see and perceive.  The second scene  was driven by an exploration of aerial space, a spatial metaphor for groundless (a-historic) beauty and the desire to escape.  The third and final scene returns to ground, where individuals build and unbuild relationships in space driven by the question:  after what we have lived, how do we build a future together? 
Choreography, concept and aerial choreography:  Ana Sánchez-Colberg
Original soundcore:  Gabriel Rivera Vázquez
Flying effects director:  Raymond Batista
With the performance contribution of:  Natalia Fajardo, Aura Gómez, Cristina Lugo, Norberto Collazo, Abraham Texidor, Jaime Maldonado, Altertx Rivera, Steven Rodríguez and James Thomas. 

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