The short film 13.13.13 An Archaeology of a City captures in thirteen-minutes, thirteen months of life in the city of Athens during the earlier part of the pandemic, from the ‘Great Lockdown’ in March 2020 to the slow easing of restrictions in early Spring 2021. 
The film is a cinematographic essay where the artist captures the experience of the dynamics/ clashes of a city, as a compression of time and space, diversity living side by side. 
The film is a treatise on the female, Latin migrant identity of the artist whose sense of 'otherness' was heightened during the isolation of the pandemic. 
When film crews unable to operate, the film was created with what was at hand, the old handy-cam, dusted off from the cupboard and easy to make invisible and incorporate into the rules regulating our presence in open spaces. This simple strategy allowed for walking and listening, and looking, and finding triggering a process of reflection on the ‘unravelling’ of time, and the strangeness of spaces marked by a dichotomy between the claustrophobic personal and the dizzying open space, between light and shadow, between inhabitation and isolation. 
The beginning of 2022 when the film was edited marks thirteen years since the artist moved to Athens. This is alluded to in the final 13 of the 13.13.13 in the audio: the audio works through thirteen years of writings intertwined with a 13-minute sound walk. 
The soundwalk and images were captured in their entirety in the neighbourhood of Kypselis, Athens. 
An Official Selection of LA Independent Women Film Awards (2022), Finalist Niagara Falls International Short Film Festival and Award Winner Berlin Indie Film Festival (2022).

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