Just [5] Series 2018

Moving Sounds (2016) - A Collaboration with CoDa21

The sky leans on me...(2016)

The Unbearable (2012-2016)

Cuerpos [no] Mienten (2013) Commissioned work for CoDa21

Es Lasst sich nich lessen (1997) for Ballett des Staatstheater Cottbus

We Implicated and Complicated (2006-2009)

Holds No Memory (2006)

Mahler's Fifths (2005)
Tanzaffiche, Preview

Futur/Perfekt (1998-2002)
'En pos de un Futuro Perfecto' Featured article El Nuevo Dia

Now we are no longer...(1997)

En Viva Voz (1997)

Entre Huella y Pisada (1996) for Ballet Concierto de PR

Ojos que no ven (1992) for Ballet Concierto de PR

Alice, Alice, Alice (1989-1993)

Featured Articles

'Of Dance, Cities, and the Globe', Animated

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