Ana Sánchez-Colberg is a Puerto Rican transdisciplinary artist based in Europe. Her trajectory begins in choreography and dance. She established Theatre enCorps in 1989 and has a track record of award-winning works created and performed in over forty cities world-wide.  The work of Theatre enCorps can be seen at
Since 2016 she moves fully into non-stage multidisciplinary works based on experimentation with generative compositional rules to create new forms of collaborative and participatory contemporary art. The works defy categorization as they bring together elements of fine and visual art, audio composition, movement, photography and film, live documentation in works that question the relationship between art institutions, the ‘art-object’ and the subjects involved in the creation and reception.
Her full profile can be seen at:ánchez-Colberg

Background  website image: portrait of Ana Sanchez-Colberg by artist Konrad Gabriel,
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