The work re-imagines Cocteau’s Jeune Homme et la Morte to tell the story from the perspective of the Young Girl/Death Woman, attempting to remember the moment of the Young Man’s death, to recapture as well as redefine it.  The visuals are anchored in a narration that has two sources.  First in keeping with Cocteau’s use of the fairy tale as well as over-narration, the retelling by an omniscient narrator is marked by the convention ‘Once upon a time…’, which sets the quest for the elusive site of the story (a city, a fountain, the walls of a tomb, a field of poppies).  The second source is the voice of the Young Girl/Death Woman, who narrates a counter story, her desire to be present and unique, the sensual exploration of the relationships of their bodies, grounding their reality in the “experience at the touch of a tactile tendril” and the microscopic enunciation of the body (“hand, back of the neck”, “your hand on my waist”).  The visible apparatus (camera in her eyes, mp3 players) echo Cocteau’s use of mirrors across ‘realities’, where other invisible spaces are alluded to. 
Concept, libretto, camera, performance, editing:  Ana Sánchez-Colberg
Type of work:  Experimental film (13:52, including credits)

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