The video series  Love Letters to Ana is a collaboration between nine international artists during the nine-week period of 'heavy lockdown' in the city of Athens. 
Ana is the lead artist who invited artists in 'lockdown cities' (from Seoul to Beijing, to Bangkok, Rome, Milan, San Antonio, to name some) to send her an audio 'love letter'. This love letter was used as an audio-score to 'go on a walk' (a poetic slightly ironic variation on the museum audio walk) in the conditions of 'containment'. The nine letters, one for each week of lockdown,  serve as a cross-border reflection on the shared and distinct conditions as well as an exercise in 'recuperation' amidst the loss.
Love Letters to Ana has been selected for inclusion in the exhibition Coantivirus curated by NY20+ Nongyuan Culture in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.  From there it will  move to be  part of the permanent collection of the channel SVOX.TV Film and Video Arts  an initiative of Urban Fugitive in Nottingham, UK. 
Contributing artists:
Amber Ortega-Perez, San Antonio, Texas
Damaris Ferrer, Miami, Florida
Niurca Marquez, Miami, Florida
Clara Yang, Lakota Reservation, South Dakota
Belen Maya, Rome, Italy
Paolo Panizza, Milan, Italy
Naporn Wattakasanaem, Bangkok, Thailand
Seo-Hown JI, Seoul, Korea

Type of work:  Experimental Video (37:40 min including credits)
The showcase with the full series can be seen at: 

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