QUINCUNX is a work for five dancers exploring the relationship between 'live' and digital performers in a hybrid scenographic space.  The work, a first of its kind in Puerto Rico, introduced dancers to tech-art/choreography where the synthesis of choreography with digital content and methods is indivisible in shaping the identity of 'the work'.  
QUINCUNX is a multivalent term: the five point design of the dice, as well as many other spatial formations, from architecture to flags, it is also a mathematical term. For this work, I focussed on a more obscure definition, the 'anti-aliasing' method in digital production, where a gap in the coding is corrected by adding external data not present in the original image.  A somewhat ironic process, where the 'not real' defines the final form and therefore perception of the 'real'. This process became the working metaphor to develop five scenes exploring perception of the real:  dancers performed duets with their electronic aliases, inhabited spaces that appeared to be three dimensional behind the stage wall, live-bodies where dissolved as if data, that kept shaping and reshaping the space.  The work gave me the opportunity to collaborate again with Athens-based sound designer Lambros Pigounis.
Concept, choreography digital art:  Ana Sánchez-Colberg
Digital Art:  Ana Sánchez-Colberg for Vision.AI.R-e 
Sound Composition:  Lambros Pigounis
Performers:  Albertx Rivera,Aura Gómez, Natalia Fajardo, Adriana Morales, Maru Toro
Lighting Design:  Luis F Rivera
Part of the evening Andanza Inédita, Sala Experimental Carlos Marichal, Fine Arts Center Luis A Ferré, 5-7 May 2023. 
Photos Sebastián Castillo

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