J[us]t 5 in collaboration with art curators CHEAPART.GR gallery in Athens evolved between 2017-2018 across various contexts including the biennale Art-Athena International Arts Fair and Return to Athens Festival. The works were a series of site-responsive public interventions throughout the city of Athens. around the concept of five: a performance of five minutes, repeated five times, starting at 5’oclock, on the 5th month of the year, on the fifth decade of the artist’s life, for 4 audience members (+ artist makes 5), in a 5m area.  J(us)T 5 exposes the dialectics between a series of oppositions: the personal/intimate, the public/private, the indoor/outdoor, a private dance in a public space, a city audio walk experience without the walking.
Type of work:  site-specific, public art intervention

Video archive of J(us)tAn[other]5

Final[5]: Mythical Cities , Thursday 26th October 2017, Aghia Eirini Square, Monastiraki, Central Athens, Part of Athens Intersection. 
Stillj(us)t 5 Back to Athens Festival, Venue: Top terrace, Eresou 40, Exarchia, Central Athens, 106-81
J(us)tAn[ot]her5 ,  Friday 9th June (part of the Back to Athens Festival, Cheapart Gallery)Venue:  Garden area, Eresou 40, Exarchia, Central Athens, 106-81
An[ot]her 5  Art Athina Biennale, Saturday 27 th May 2017. .
J[US]T 5,  Tuesday 9th May, 2017,  Agathonos Street, Athens, Greece 

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