Event/Horizons explores the next prime number in the series, thirteen. After the urban immersion of J[us]t 5 in 2018, the global dance of Seven to the Seventh (2019) and the territory of exile of 1[-1] Materiality of Exile, the new project looks to the cosmos by taking its inspiration from the ‘lost’ thirteen  constellation Ophiucus; the serpent bearer, the healer, and its accompanying month (November – December) which had to ‘disappear in order to accommodate the change from lunar to solar calendars. 
In the project this fact serves as a creative metaphor for artists in twenty-one global sites to explore diverse modes of social constructions of the visible and invisible that define worldviews that in turn determine our engagement with ‘the world’. Furthermore, the idea that the constellation is the constellation of the healer serves as an opportunity to question the role of arts -artists, audiences and organisations- in the current challenges we face.  
Go to:  https://www.eventhorizons2021.com for full details of participating artists, projects  and events

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